How to Make Best Use of the YouVersion Bible App | Part 2

With over 800 daily plans and devotionals, and jam-packed with amazing features such as the verse of the day stories, daily prayer stories, the whole Bible, the different translations and versions of the Bible, highlights, notes, bookmarks and so much more, this is an app that has helped me greatly in my journey of faith. In Part 2 of this post, I’m sharing more of the awesome features that this app has. You can read Part 1 here. There’s just so much to cover, that it made sense to split this post into 2 parts. Join me as I share how to make best use of the YouVersion Bible app.

The YouVersion Bible app is available to download on the Apple store and on Android. It’s an app that I use daily, and I always start off my morning by reading the verse of the day stories, which you can read more about in Part 1. It helps me to get straight into God’s Word first thing in the morning as soon as I wake up and throughout the day. Plus, the great thing about it is that you can take the Bible with you on the go, wherever you may be, as you can even download the Bible on the app to read offline, just in case you can’t connect to the internet. This app is also free, so you have access to every single thing on there. How amazing is that! 

This app helped me so much during a season where I was struggling greatly, and for that, I am truly thankful. With God’s Word daily, His Truth, inspiring videos and messages, daily plans and devotionals, short films, audio and more, it has helped me a lot. This is one of the many reasons why I wanted to write this post, because it’s such a wonderful tool to help you on your journey of faith daily. Below I have listed more of the features that you can find over on the app.


I feel that the badges section of this app is such a fun feature. After completing so many plans and reaching a target, you get a badge. There are also badges for sharing the app, for highlighting so many verses, creating bookmarks and making notes. You can also get a badge for completing an Easter and Christmas plan during set dates, along with a mid-year challenge. There’s even a badge for reading the whole Bible. I feel it’s definitely a fun way to see how you have been engaging with the app, and to also get into good daily habits of reading the Word, interacting with the content in the app and working towards different goals to help you in your journey of faith. If you’re competitive, it’s a fun thing to share with friends.

Discover section

The Discover section of the app is where you can find all of the features of the Bible app in one place. You can find plans, podcasts, videos, images, teaching clips, what’s trending and more. But the great thing about this section is that you can type any word or verse into the search box and it will come up with the things that are related to those words and verses. You are also able to search by emotion too (when you scroll right to the bottom), and when you click on each emotion, it comes up with Bible verses related to that emotion, along with plans, videos, podcasts and images. I love the emotion feature. I’ve used it many times for whichever emotion I may be feeling, and I’ve found it to be incredibly helpful, especially during that moment. Below I’ve listed some more features that are covered in the Discover section.

In the Discover section, when you have completed a plan, it shows you related plans to the one you have completed: a very handy tool for if you are looking for similar plans to do. You are also able to see which ones your friends are currently reading if they are set to public. Trending Plans on the Discover section is also another great way to find plans that are popular. I like to find different plans that interest me and then pop them on my ‘save for later’ list. Another handy tip, is on the daily plans and devotionals, you also have a sample button, which lets you check out a plan before starting it.

The teaching clips videos on the Discover section is where you can find some of the past Verse of the Day story videos. There are a select few videos to watch and they do change, so you are able to watch other ones too. I like that you can revisit each video about a verse from the Bible. There have been quite a few that have really spoken to me, so it’s good to be able to watch them again. Other videos that are in the Discover area are the Featured Videos section. It’s one that I am yet to explore. There are quite a few videos to watch which are about the Bible. But it’s nice to have them in one section so you’re able to easily find them. They also look great to watch during your Bible study time.

Related notes

I actually only found out about this feature not that long ago. It popped up in a group post, so I was straight on the app to find it. When you go on to a verse and then press that verse, it comes up with different options below. If you swipe across them, you come to Related at the end. It then takes you to notes and images you have saved for that verse, and next to it is Related Notes, which other people have written and made public, so you are able to view them. It’s very interesting to see what has been written for a specific verse, and it’s definitely a great way to get deeper into a specific verse. I’ve found some really encouraging and helpful notes written by other people when I’ve been wanting to go more in depth when reading and studying God’s Word. 


I think I’ve already spoken a little about images, but I absolutely love the Images feature. For lots and lots of verses throughout the Bible, images have already been made and pop up when you go on a specific verse. You’re also able to save and share the images on to your own profile in the app, and you also have the option to download them to your phone and iPad, and also share them on your social media channels. Another fun option is to add a verse yourself to an image. There are many images already available to choose from or you can upload your own and put the verse on it. There’s different editing tools too along with different fonts. So it’s also great if you want to create your own image to post on Instagram. With the Verse of the Day stories, a long image is also included at the end, which you can save, share and download. It’s the perfect size for sharing on your Instagram stories.


If you head on over to the More button at the bottom of the app, and scroll down to videos, you will find a large selection of videos to watch. This section also includes a couple of full length films, season 1 of The Chosen (which I highly recommend watching) and YouVersion Rest, where you can listen to Psalms being read with the choice of different calming background sound and music. (You can also link YouVersion Rest to your Alexa).

I’m still yet to go through many of the videos, but I really love that they are included within the app. The videos also range in length, so they’re great to watch on your lunch break, throughout the day and in the evening. There are also different series to watch too, such as a Bible series by Spoken Gospel, Corner Talk, Eye Witness Bible Series, a series of short videos of each of the Gospels, How to Read the Bible Series and also a series of videos by Bible Project. 


In the events section of the app, this is where you can connect with Churches all over the world who are using the app. Whether it’s in person or online, you are able to view sermon notes, Bible verses used in the service, images, related plans in the app to the sermon, prayer, links and more. It’s not only great to use whilst watching Church online, but also for in-person. You are able to add your own notes and interact during the service. I’ve actually used this feature a few times and I really like it a lot. Not all Churches are on this feature though in the app, so it might be a great idea to bring it up at your Church to see if they can add themselves to the app. You can also save the event so you can go back to it at a later date. 

On the Explore option which shows up when you open up Events, it brings up a map which shows you Churches around the UK and the world and it also brings up Churches below so you are able to view them. It also tells you what time the service is, when it is on and which services are currently live.


Finally the last feature on this app I want to talk about is the history section. You access it on your profile, and you can revisit the verses you have previously read. It’s very handy for if you were reading a certain verse from the Bible but can’t remember which verse it was. It comes up with a long list of verses/books of the Bible so you can easily find what you were previously reading. Especially if, like me, you’re reading a verse and then go to a completely different book of the Bible, but forgot to bookmark or highlight what you were previously reading. You can pop straight on to the history section and find the verses/books of the Bible you have read. 

I really hope that this post has been helpful, and if I find any new features within the app, I’ll definitely be sure to do an update. If there are any particular parts of the app that you really love and find to be very helpful, I would love to know what they are in the comments. There may still be some features that I have missed; if so, please feel free to let me know in the comments. This app is definitely jam-packed full of very helpful tools to help you in your journey of faith. 

And if you would love to be friends on the app, just let me know, or you can search for me in the ‘add friends’ section of the YouVersion Bible app.

I would also love to know of any other apps that you love using which help you daily in your journey of faith?

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1 thought on “How to Make Best Use of the YouVersion Bible App | Part 2”

  1. Who knew that there was so much to this app? I like it too, but now I have so much more to discover, like the history section for example.
    I once was learning how to do Bible marking with a physical Bible. Now, it’s easy on the app. Will pin this too, so I can always find it.

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