Monthly Spotlight: June 2022

In my ‘Monthly Spotlight’ blog post, you can expect to find and discover some of the things that I have been enjoying throughout the month. It may include books, podcasts, shows, food, websites, music, places I’ve visited and more, along with my ramblings and sharing a fun and chatty post. It’s also where I will be featuring my lovely monthly advertisers, more of which you can find out further down below and how you can advertise your blog, website or business with me. You can read last month’s Monthly Spotlight blog post here. 

It wouldn’t be very British of me if I didn’t first mention the weather! But it’s been so lovely to spend time outdoors in the sunshine. The garden is in full bloom with the many colours of the beautiful roses, along with the pots of lettuce and radishes that I have planted! This month has also brought some new ventures and exciting planning for my little space on the internet. We’re in the early planning stages at the moment, but it’s been so good to start and see it all coming together. More of which I will be sharing soon. 

A few of the other things we have done this month is visit Stoke Bruerne where we got a narrowboat! Okay, so maybe not the conventional type but it sure does look nice on the windowsill! Plus it’s just getting me even more excited for our holiday coming up on a narrowboat! Highly recommend visiting, especially if you are in the Northampton area. On the same day we got to experience the Jubilee celebrations and the lighting of the beacon at Lichfield Cathedral. We visited the Lichfield Food Festival in town, where we had the most scrumptious Lincolnshire sausage hotdog with cheese and onions. As a Lincolnshire girl, born and bred, I do like my Lincolnshire sausages! I got to experience my first Lichfield Bower. My husband and I have been to a couple of concerts, one which was at the Symphony Hall in Birmingham, and the other at St Paul’s Church in Birmingham to see the Birmingham Bach Choir. You can read David’s review for this concert here. We also went to the Ask Italian restaurant here in Lichield. Huge fan of Ask Italian, but so far we had only been to the one in Birmingham.

Say “Hello” to my June Monthly Advertiser

A huge warm welcome to my June Monthly Advertiser, Aubrey, from The Copy Sloth. A wonderful, helpful and insightful copywriting and content strategy blog. Along with services that include email list support, blog post support, and 1:1 calling and support, you can also find helpful blog posts on the following topics: Marketing for Introverts, Blogging, Growth Strategy, Social Media, Content and more.

For me personally, Aubrey’s blog has been a huge eye-opener in terms of looking at the different strategies that can be applied, and help my own blog and online work. Whether it’s through content creation for social media and looking at how to post consistently, to my different platforms, monetising and looking at how email lists can be a huge help to business, Aubrey’s blog along with her services give out so much valuable information, and help for running and marketing a business online. Something which I will continue to find very helpful over the coming months and beyond. 

“The conversion is only the beginning! What you need is the right messaging that nurtures your list, followers, and audience to stick around with you for the long haul.”

– The Copy Sloth

Here I’m sharing 3 posts from Aubrey’s blog that I have really been enjoying reading and discovering. The first one is How To Monetise Your Blog From Day One, a post that goes through the many different topic strategies that help you to understand and apply to monetise your blog, along with Aubrey’s very own blogging strategy. Having had my blog since 2012, I know all too well how overwhelming it can be when looking at the different ways to monetise your blog. Along with finding the strategies that actually work, this post by Aubrey is very insightful and includes many different ways that will not only help you in monetising your blog, but will help you to also understand and learn more about monetising, with the help from Aubrey’s own experiences too. 

Next up is Create a Pinterest Growth Strategy That Gets Explosive Blog Traffic. Pinterest is one of those social media platforms that I’ve had for many years, but have never really used it to its full potential. Time and time again, I always see how Pinterest can bring in a huge amount of traffic. 

“Want to know how to grow your brand new or micro Pinterest account from scratch? Steal my introvert-meets-lazy girl organic Pinterest growth strategy that got me more than 3,400 views in less than a month with less than 25 pins. And no, it doesn’t include that expensive Tailwind subscription!”

– The Copy Sloth

I personally tried Tailwind quite some time back, although it was just the free version, and it just wasn’t really for me. It’s refreshing to read a Pinterest strategy post that doesn’t require me to sign up for a paid Tailwind account! This post is very helpful, easy to read and follow, and has some really great tips for growing your Pinterest and directing traffic to your blog. 

Finally, a post I also recommend reading is 21 Email Content Ideas To Send To Your List This Week. An email list is a really great way to add a more personal touch to your blog. It’s a great way to connect more with your readers, create content especially for those who are subscribed to your blog, which also helps to bring new readers to your site. An email list also helps people to keep up-to-date with your content, and is a great way to promote services, blog posts, online shops and more. It’s currently something I’m working on myself, so the tips and advice in this post have been just what I needed to read. If you are currently looking at ways to improve your mailing list, along with looking for great content ideas to use for your newsletter, then this is the post for you.

If you would like to advertise with me throughout July or in any of the upcoming months for just £10 for the whole month, you can find my Advertise With Me page here.

What I’ve been reading

I’ve been reading He Will Be Enough by Katie Faris, you can find my review here. An incredible personal and relatable book that helps readers to truly understand and know God’s character, that He is enough and He’s all we need. I found this book to be so helpful and to take a deeper look into my own past experiences and to look at how God has helped me, how He has already gone before me in each season I’ve been through, and how He has brought me to where I am today. Easy-to-read chapters means that this book also acts as a type of daily devotional, which is how I have been reading it myself. With reflection time and prayer at the end of each chapter, this helps you to explore more on the chapter just read, creating an engaging, helpful and thought-provoking time, to have in your quiet time with God.

This month I have also been reading The Air We Breathe by Glen Scrivener. An eye-opening and insightful read (I’m not going to give too much away as there will be a review up on my blog for this book shortly) that has definitely helped me to learn things that I didn’t really know about before, how Christianity has shaped our world, and how it makes sense of the values we hold close to us. It’s a very interesting and fascinating read, and a real page-turner. 

What I’ve been listening too

I recently wrote a post on my blog about 3 of my favourite Christian podcasts that I love to listen to. I use Spotify and it’s amazing the amount of Christian podcasts that are available on there to listen to. I love to listen to podcasts that are full of God’s truth and His Word. Ones that aren’t afraid to touch on the subjects that need to be spoken about and are biblically correct. 

The 3 podcasts mentioned in my post are Bought & Beloved by Kirby Kelly, Truth Talks With Tara by Tara Sun and The Christine Caine Equip & Empower Podcast by Christine Caine. These are podcasts that I have been listening to for quite some time now, and which share content on a wide range of topics to help you in your journey on faith. I’ve been listening to the ‘How To Discern False Teachers’ series which can be found on the Bought & Beloved podcast, which I have really enjoyed listening to, and highly recommend. 

My Prayer Journal

I had the absolute pleasure of publishing a blog post in collaboration with And Hope Designs, to try out and review their beautiful prayer journal. I personally love using a prayer journal as for me, I always find it easier to write things down in words. But a prayer journal is also where I write down all the prayers that are on my heart, then things that I am thankful to God for, my praises to God, anything that is on my mind that I want to talk to God about and it’s also a place where I can write down answered prayers, a reminder of all that God is doing, has done and is going to do. 

I find a prayer journal to be helpful in my quiet time with God. It helps me to reflect, to focus on what is written in front of me, something that I’ve found to be very helpful for when the things of this world try to distract us, and to write down all the people, places and things I want to pray for. In my blog post, you can find 5 Reasons Why I Love Using A Prayer Journal.

Holy Water by We The Kingdom

I wanted to end this post by sharing a song that I really enjoy listening to and it’s also one that is on my playlist. It’s a fun, energetic song, but also shows through the lyrics that are sung, just how much we need God, that He is enough and He’s all that we need. 

“Walking down these desert roads 
Water for my thirsty soul 
I need You 
Oh, I need You 

Your forgiveness 
Is like sweet, sweet honey 
On my lips 
Like the sound of a symphony 
To my ears 
Like Holy water on my skin 

Dead man walking, slave to sin 
I wanna know about being born again 
I need You 
Oh, God, I need You”

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