My Top 3 Christian Podcasts to Listen to Today

Did you know that Spotify has lots of Christian podcasts on its platform? A couple of years back I was on the lookout for some good Christian podcasts to listen to. Some of the things that I love about podcasts is that you can simply pop them on any time of the day to listen to, you can listen to them whilst you’re relaxing (something that I love to do) and you can listen to them in the background of your day-to-day activities. 

In this post, I’m sharing 3 of my favourite Christian podcasts that I love to listen to. When looking for a Christian podcast, the main things I look for is that they are biblically correct, they don’t go against the Word of God, and they are full of God’s truth. In a time when we are seeing things added and taken away from God’s Word, and being changed to fit what is currently classed as ‘fashionable’ and what the world says is ‘correct’, we really do have to be careful with what we consume. This is why it’s always important to pray and ask for wisdom and discernment, to know that what you are listening to is biblically correct, even with things I currently listen to myself, I still like to make sure that it doesn’t go against the Word of God. 

The three podcasts listed below are ones that I really love listening to. The main reason being is that they go deep into a very broad range of topics, and are also filled with scripture and the Word of God. They are also very encouraging, inspiring and extremely helpful. I always come away from listening feeling that I’ve learned something new or that what I’ve listened to is really going to help me in my journey of faith, and also things that I can apply in my day-to-day life. I also find them very enjoyable to listen to, thought-provoking, and they really help me to personally understand more about a specific verse or chapter in scripture. I find that they are honest and open podcasts that don’t shy away from the things of the world, the things that we see more and more of happening and people doing, that are going against the Word of God.

Bought & Beloved by Kirby Kelly

Bought & Beloved (which started in 2019 and new episodes are out every Wednesday) by Kirby Kelly has been a favourite of mine for a long time now. Kirby is very honest and open, and dives straight into scripture and God’s truth to support and back up what is being talked about in each podcast episode. Kirby goes through many different topics in the episodes, which I always just want to listen to more and more of. These are also topics that are very relevant in relation to what is currently happening and going on in the world today. 

Kirby recently brought out a 3-part series called ‘How To Discern False Teachers’ which I’ve really been enjoying listening to, especially as it’s something that, as a Christian, we need to be fully aware of. I always feel encouraged after listening, thinking and reflecting on what was talked about.

Some episodes also feature guests and some of the topics and titles of the episodes include, ‘Beating Burnout and Receiving Rest’, ‘Discovering God’s Purpose For Your Life’, ‘Who is the Holy Spirit’, ‘Fearing Judgement Even While Saved’, ‘Endurance and Steadfastness in Suffering’, ‘Waiting on the Lord’, ‘Christianity and Cancel Culture’ and so many more. I highly recommend listening to Bought & Beloved, especially if you are looking to grow spiritually, want to know more about Christianity, want a podcast that is filled full of truth (even what some may call the hard truth) and God’s Word, and is an easy-to-listen-to, encouraging and helpful podcast. 

Truth Talks With Tara 

I’ve actually been following Tara on social media for quite some time now. I’ve always found her Instagram stories and posts, along with her blog posts, to be encouraging, inspiring and helpful. It’s also been a joy to follow Tara in her beautiful ministry and everyday life (you should definitely go and follow Tara on Instagram). Tara has helped me a lot through her content, her blog and podcasts, and also personally through prayer requests, recommendations and just simply ‘being there’.

Truth Talks With Tara is an honest, open and truth filled podcast that also features awesome guests and brilliant topics that will leave you encouraged, reflecting and challenged, and ready to apply what you’ve just listened to in your day-to-day life. They will also help you in your journey of faith and to equip you with the knowledge of God’s Word, His Truth and letting scripture just ‘soak in’. 

Topics and titles of some of the episodes include, ‘What To Do When Life Falls Apart’, ‘How Christ Sustains Our Everyday Lives’, ‘Overcoming the Lies of the Enemy’, ‘What Bible Translation Should I Read’, ‘Enjoying Your Singleness and Waiting Well’, ‘What Pregnancy Has Taught Me About Rest’, ‘Discerning and Destroying Our Idols’, plus lots more.

“Truth Talks with Tara is on a mission to provide women with Scripturally sound guidance and resources as they seek to understand the Word of God and answer the day-to-day questions they have about their life and faith. The reality is that God’s Word is our only foundation. So shouldn’t we as believers, know, love and live it?! When we truly understand God’s truth, we can’t help but see how it effects every area of our lives — igniting us with purpose in the day to day and falling more in love with who He is in the process.”

– Tara Sun Ministries

The Christine Caine Equip & Empower Podcast

I think I first started watching Christine Caine’s talks on TBN UK. One thing that I really love when Christine Caine is talking, is her awesome energy. Christine also shares her own stories and experiences within her podcast. Her talks are engaging, relatable, and encouraging, and they really leave you feeling pumped and ready to go, ready to apply what you’ve just been listening to, and help you to feel inspired and motivated. So, I was very pleased to discover that she has a podcast.

“In this noisy world, so many things compete for our attention. It’s easy to lose sight of God and His Word in the midst of all the noise. I started this podcast because I love helping people crank up the volume on the voice, wisdom, love, healing and grace of God in their own lives. This podcast is a power-packed, weekly dose of encouragement that will fire up your faith and equip you to walk in your purpose.”

– Christine Caine

Christine’s podcast is updated regularly with new episodes, topics and titles which include, ‘How Do You Heal From Pain’, ‘A Way Through Weariness’, ‘The Power of Your Testimony’, ‘How To Introduce People To Jesus’, ‘It’s Not Too Late For You’, ‘What To Do When You Feel Stuck’, ‘See The Miracle In The Middle’, and many more.

If you’re looking for a new podcast to listen to, then I highly recommended checking out these three above. I’ve also been discovering quite a few other Christian podcasts, some of which I’m sure I’ll share in another blog post.

I would love to know what some of your favourite Christian podcasts are. Let me know in the comments, as I’d love to check them out!

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