7 Reasons Why Reading Is A Perfect Self-Care Activity

Just from the title of this post, you may have guessed that reading is one of my most favourite activities for self-care! My mum taught me to read from a very young age. And over the years my love for reading and collecting books has grown more and more, and still continues to grow even now at the age of 28!

I love reading just about any genre. But I must admit, one of my guilty pleasures is reading a good, soppy, predictive romance novel! Click here to find lots of my most favourite books that I have loved and reviewed on Clem Loves. I also must admit that I am one of those people who have about two or three (sometimes more) books on the go at once! I just love getting stuck in to a new book and I just can’t seem to wait until finishing the book I’m already reading!

I find reading to be one of the most enjoyable activities of daily living. It’s relaxing, helps to reduce stress, it’s therapeutic and reading just before getting into bed helps me to have a good night’s sleep! (Which I’ve wrote a little bit about further down).

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.” – Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

Clem Loves Reading Self-care

Why reading is a perfect self-care activity

Explore The World Without Actually Leaving Your Room.

I just had to put this one at the top of my list! It’s the one things that I absolutely adore about books. They can take you on a magnificent journey and take you on an adventure through an amazing sci-fi or fantasy novel, full of vampires, werewolves and witches. And a book can take you travelling through time and even to outer space.

Or a book can take you through a magical tale full of romance and finding true love. Or maybe you like a fast past mystery that needs to be solved. Or maybe you like reading inspiring novels about your favourite musicians, actors and other inspiring people throughout the world and go a journey with them, their journey.

Books can take you to a million and one different places. A castle, a new planet, a different time, an island, a city, a town , a village! A book can take you almost anywhere your heart desires. A few of my favourite places that a book has taken me are here, here and here!

Where’s your most favourite place that a book has taken you too? Please let me know in the comments!

“I live in two worlds; one is a world of books” – Rory Gilmore

Reading helps us to tap into our imagination.

As I mentioned above, reading lets us explore the world, without even leaving our rooms. But reading also helps us to tap in to our imagination! When I get stuck in to a good book. My imagination literally goes wild with excitement. I picture each and every character, what that character is wearing, their surroundings and every other little tiny detail, details that may not even be read in the book. My imagination helps me to picture them clearly. I imagine that I am there with those characters, that I am experiencing the journey and adventure with them.

Reading takes me away from any stresses that I was feeling before I picked up the book and started reading. Those stressful thoughts and situations that may have occurred dissolves instantly as I read and turn each page.

Reading Helps us to relax and prepare us for a good night’s sleep.

Quite some time back, I remember reading that reading before bed can really help with getting a good night’s sleep. And to be honest it does really work! My favourite time to read is just before bed. I like to sit quietly on my bed away from any technology and bright screens, and relax with a book.

There’s quite a few good benefits for reading before you go to sleep. Reading helps to reduce stress. It helps the mind and body to relax and focus purely on the pages in front of us, helping to get rid of any negative thoughts we may have been feeling.

Although, I do have a Kindle, which I love to read books on, I much prefer a nice paperback book before bed, as I mentioned above, I like to try and get away from technology and screens just before reading and before I get in bed to go to sleep.

I also tend to have quite interesting dreams sometimes based on what I’ve been reading. A lot of my dreams have been based on a book, which can be very exciting! But just be careful what you read just before bed! I’ve made the mistake before of reading scary stories just before going to sleep! Seriously, some of my dreams could be turned in to a novel of their own!

Reading before bedtime also helps to give me a bit more of a routine just before bed. Before opening my book, I like to put on my comfy pjs, make sure I’ve cleansed and toned my face and I like to put on a nice warm dressing gown. It helps me to get that little bit more organised at night!

I’m currently reading Following The Breadcrumbs: A Journey From Darkness To Light Through Everyday Miracles by Philippa Hanna. I really love to read my daily devotional book, Amazing You by Philippa Hanna just before bed too.

There are lots of books to choose from.

There are so many different genres to choose from! When I go in to my local waterstones book store, I never know where to go first! Some of my favourites are fantasy, sci-fi, romance and romantic comedy. I love reading true stories and peoples very own adventures and journeys. The list of different genres and books to read is endless.

The best thing about there being so many different genres to choose from, is that whatever type you book you feel like reading during your self-care routine, is that it’s there! Sometimes when I’ve had nice pamper evening I love reading a romantic comedy novel. When I used to go on the train to Uni, I loved taking my Kindle with me and reading a more action packed sci-fi novel. If I’ve been watching an out of this world fantasy show on TV or Netflix, I love to grab a good YA fantasy novel to read!

A great place to find lots of new books to read is Goodreads! I’ve found so many books on there that that look amazing that I’ve added to my list of books I want to read. Whatever type of genre your in the mood for and looking to cosy up to, I can guarantee that you will find what you are looking for on Goodreads!

“I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one tires of any thing than of a book! — When I have a house of my own, I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library.” –  Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Clem Loves Reading Self-care

You can do it anywhere!

Want to know what my second most favourite thing about books are?!!! You can literally read a book anywhere! I take a book with me when I go out for the day, I take a book or two on holiday with me, I love to read on the bus, on the train, outside in the garden. If i’m in the mood for reading a few books, I take my Kindle with me instead!

Reading is such an amazing portable self-care activity to do. Whether it’s on a 15 minute break at work, a 30 minute lunch break, or an hours commute, add a little self-care to your day by taking a book with you to work, and take some time out to focus your mind on a good book. It definitely helps me to relax and helps me to enjoy my break and adds a little self-care to a busy day.

“I just take a book everywhere with me. It’s a habit.” – Rory Gilmore

Reading gives your body a chance to rest.

After a long busy day, sometimes all I want to do is to go home and rest! I always keep a book handy next to my comfy chair and my bed, so when I get home, I can put my pj’s on, take my makeup off and do my skincare routine, and I can snuggle up in to my nice, warm dressing gown or blanket and grab my book that’s in easy reach and cosy up with a good story.   

Reading helps my body to wind down and release any tension in my body. I’m instantly relaxed!

Reading has the power to inspire us.

A book is a very powerful thing. Reading not only has the power to do all of the things I have mentioned above, but has the power to inspire us. Whatever book I am reading I am always feeling inspired, whether it’s helping me to feel inspired to read more, inspiring me as a blogger to write more or inspiring me to travel more and visit new places. I can guarantee that whatever type of genre I am reading I am constantly feeling inspired.

It doesn’t even have to come from a novel to be inspired. One of my most favourite magazines to read, is the Blogosphere magazine, which is filled full of wonderful bloggers and fantastic articles. I always feel truly inspired when reading Blogosphere.

Even though I do love a good paperback, during the day when I am on my Macbook, I am constantly reading blogs, articles and ebooks. I am forever being inspired. Here’s an article that inspired me to write this one! That’s what inspired me to create Clem Loves. I not only loved writing an taking photos, but I also loved reading other peoples blogs and it inspired me to create my own little permanent home on the internet, a place where I can share my thoughts and feeling and help people!

What book are you currently reading? Are you planning to add more reading into your self-care routine?

Hands up if the first thing you do when you get a brand new book is open it up and give it a good old sniff!?  

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Clem Loves Reading Self-Care

3 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why Reading Is A Perfect Self-Care Activity”

  1. Reading is my go to when it comes to self-care for all these reasons. I love that they allow me to escape and yet I don’t have to actually go anywhere. They are indeed relaxing unless you choose to read horror or an intense thriller.

  2. Reading is my number one choice of self-care activity! I love how it is escapism and makes me feel calmer and totally lost in a book.
    I always take a book in my bag so that I can escape whenever I need to 🙂

    Sammy | Self-Care Sloth

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