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It’s become evident in recent times that there is a need for Christian churches, communities, businesses and individuals to have an effective online presence.

There is a need to reach people, not only locally, but all over the world, and in order to achieve that, Christians find themselves exploring how they can develop an effective, efficient and professional-looking online presence.

An effective online presence enables us to build communities, to interact with others, to spread God’s word and to take our mission to a worldwide audience. An effective online and digital presence sows a seed which has the potential to reap a bountiful harvest.

Who I work with

Christian Churches

I am on a mission to help Christian churches to create an effective and positive online presence, by helping them to gain the confidence to develop and utilise it for outreach and mission.

Christian Communities and Businesses

Whether you’re a creator or author selling your Christian-based products online, or you’re a Christian retailer of business, I can help you make the most of all the online and digital world has to offer. If you’re a Christian organisation or charity, I can help you ensure your mission reaches a wide audience, creating a community of engaged followers and spreading your message worldwide.

Christian Individuals

If you’re a Christian blogger or content creator, I can support you in ensuring your work reaches its intended audience. I can help you build a community who will engage with and support your work, wherever you are on your journey of faith.

Still wondering if I can help?

You might not class yourself as part of any of the above groups, however if you still think we would be a good fit – please get in touch!

The value I offer


With the packages I offer, you will be working with someone who has many years’ experience developing and managing an online presence, both web-based and on social media.


I know exactly what it’s like starting at the beginning and either having no, or very little knowledge of the online and digital world. I have created, learned, grown, developed and expanded my own online and social media presence, so I know exactly how you feel starting out. It can seem overwhelming, but the potential benefits are huge.


Wherever you’re at on your journey of building, developing and expanding your online and digital presence, I will meet you exactly where you are. My aim is to be flexible in a way which responds to your own needs, aims and mission.


I love to create things! Creativity plays a huge part in all that I do, and most importantly, it offers me a way to express myself. Whether it’s through sound, music, art, media, writing or content creation, creativity allows me to bring my imagination to life. When working together, we can use creativity to bring our ideas to fruition.

Christian perspective

As a committed Christian, all that I do is God-centred. This is reflected in the work that I do and in all areas of my life. I hold strong to my Christian values and they offer me a foundation on which to inspire, encourage and equip others.

A Friendly Face

When working together, I want you to feel that you are working alongside someone who understands your unique needs, aims and mission. I want you to feel comfortable and at ease, and that I’m rooting for you.

Social Media Audit & Strategy - £129

Utilising social media as a Christian allows us to share our faith, connect with others, and make a positive impact on the digital world with our values.

Social media might feel overwhelming, and honestly, it can be quite challenging at times. However, it remains a powerful tool for connecting and reaching out. If you’re using social media already but sense there’s more potential, this package is designed with you in mind.

As part of this package, I’ll review your social media accounts, specifically looking at your current content. I’ll pinpoint areas for where improvement can be made and for enhancing your online presence to connect with a broader audience, foster engagement, and establish an online faith community.

Whether you’re a Christian church, group, business, or individual, our time of working together centres around your mission. Instead of offering a pre-made solution, I’ll work with you to craft something tailored to your uniqueness, community, and outreach goals.
I’ll work with you to understand your aims, mission, and goals, which vary for every church, community, business, or individual. After reviewing your accounts, I’ll create an audit report detailing a strategy to grow and expand your online presence.

What's included:

Online & Digital Presence Audit - £199

Even if you’ve already got an online presence, sometimes, an outside perspective can be helpful. The digital and online world is a big part of our lives, and as Christians, we need to embrace it in a way which connects us with the wider world whilst keeping faith and mission at the heart of what we do.

Websites, social media and other digital tools such as YouTube and podcasts can be overwhelming, and let’s face it, at times, pretty challenging. Nevertheless, they’re a powerful tool for engagement and outreach. If you already have a website or social media accounts, or you use other digital tools such as YouTube and podcasts, but feel you could do more with them, this package is for you.

As part of the package, I will audit your website, social media accounts and other digital tools, looking specifically at the content you currently share, and focusing on where improvements can be made to your online presence in order to reach a wider audience, create engagement, and build an online community of faith. Whether you’re a Christian church, community, business or individual, your mission is at the heart of our work together, and rather than provide you with a ready-made solution, I work with you to develop something which is unique to you, your community and outreach.

I will work with you to understand your own particular aims, your mission and your goals, all of which are different for each church, community, business or individual. Following analysis of your existing output, I will produce an audit report outlining a strategy for taking and expanding your online presence further. 

Included in the Online and Digital Presence Audit:

Quick Start Social Media Check-In – £49

Did you know that more than 4.62 billion individuals worldwide engage with social media. Beyond its role in connecting friends and acquaintances, social media serves as a bridge to connect with people all over the world!

By using social media, you can connect with millions of people from various countries. Whether it’s your Christian Church, community, or business, you have the chance to reach, assist, along with inspiring, encouraging and equipping countless individuals. That’s why I see social media as a crucial aspect of your online presence.

Do you want to improve and grow a specific social media platform? Need a quick boost for your social media presence? Interested in an easy and effective strategy to start your social media journey? If you’re seeking a helping hand to kickstart your online adventure, my Quick Start Social Media Check-In is the ideal solution for you.

Tailored to meet your unique needs, aims and goals.

Included in the Quick Start Social Media Check-In:

Social Media Graphics Bundle – £49

Social media is an amazing way to connect with people near, far and wide. It enables you to make new contacts, reconnect with people, and be part of a community online. It helps you to share and showcase your work and that of your Christian church, community or business.

Over the years I’ve met many amazing people on social media (including my husband!) Social media can be a positive space where people are brought together, and creating engaging and inspiring posts can help you to connect, encourage and equip those you connect with.

Are you looking for some eye-catching social media graphics and images which stay true to your branding, mission and aims? Effective graphics offer you a multitude of different ways to engage with your audience on social media, but it’s important that these are unique to you.

With my Social Media Graphics Bundle, I can help you bring the visual side of your social media to life. Working with you to understand your individual needs, not only will you receive a selection of ready-made graphics and images to get you started, but also the templates so that you can customise and continue using them into the future. I will also provide you with advice on how to customise them and how to use them consistently across social media.

Included in the Social Media Graphics Bundle:

Online Presence & Social Media Bundle – £499

Not only do I offer the services above separately, I offer these as one big bundle. If you really don’t know where to start and feel totally overwhelmed by what’s ahead, this is the bundle for you.

By purchasing this bundle, I will help you by auditing your digital presence and social media platforms, and after this, help you to either set up any new social media platforms, or help you expand and develop your existing social media platforms and look at ways in which we can take them to the next level. As with all the services I offer, my aim is to inspire, encourage and equip you for using your online space to reach a wider audience and build a community of faith.

Next I will work with you to bring the visual side of your social media to life, creating encouraging, engaging and inspiring tailor made graphics to equip you for the online world. Working with you to understand your individual needs, not only will you receive a selection of ready-made graphics and images to get you started, but also the templates so that you can customise and continue using them into the future. I will also provide you with advice on how to customise them and how to use them consistently across social media.

The real icing on the cake with this bundle is that I also offer six weeks’ ongoing online support to equip you to use and develop your website, social media platforms and other digital tools. I can answer any questions you have, offer feedback on your content, and ensure you feel confident in taking your online presence forward.

Included in the Online Presence and Social Media Bundle:

Online & Digital Presence Support – £229

If your accounts are already set up, but you’re looking to grow in confidence, this package is for you. I offer a 12 week online support package which is perfect for if you’d like extra support right where you are on your digital presence and social media journey.

In this package, I will help and support you with your online presence, including your website, social media and other digital tools such as YouTube and podcasts. This will all be tailored to meet your specific aims and goals. You will receive a questionnaire to fill in so I can get to know more about your goals, aims and what you would like to achieve from this package. I offer feedback on your online content, you will receive regular online support via email, and I will answer any questions that you may have.

This package is available for anyone who’s already set up, but who wants to expand and develop their online presence, and would like some extra help and support. It’s also a great way to take advantage of continuing help and support if you’ve already purchased one of my other packages.

Included with Online and Digital Presence Support:

Partner with me

Over the past 10 years, I’ve worked and partnered with many different brands, companies and publishers such as Oaks Jewellery, Udi’s, Propercorn, Harper Collins, Fat Face, House of Fraser and more.

I’ve also worked with authors such as Katie Ginger, Katherine Arden, Charlie Laidlaw, Jason Minick, Jamie Admans and Ruth Hogan. I love to share and create content which helps others grow in their journey of faith.

If you are a brand, publisher, company or online
retailer, I’d love to hear from you to discuss how we
can work together.

Let's work together

Ready to start your online and digital journey? Let’s chat!

Feedback from happy clients

"Beautiful content that nourishes the soul"

Jenni Brown

“Thank you, Clementine Rose, for the beautiful photography and videography that you produced as social media resources for our project. You have such a good eye for presentation and deep understanding of the Christian context of the material. I look forward to working with you again in the future!”

Ruth Carlyle

“I am so happy that we approached Clementine Rose for this project. If you are looking to work with someone who understands how to present Christian content in a meaningful way, then do consider commissioning Clementine Rose.”

Ruth Carlyle

“It was a real pleasure to advertise with Clem…She is such a friendly and communicative blogger so the whole process was easy and efficient. I especially loved that she wrote in such detail about my blog in her Monthly Spotlight blog post - that’s not something you’d usually find in an advertising package. Definitely well worth the money!”

Sophie Harriet, This Brilliant Day

“Clementine did an excellent job designing us eye-catching and vibrant social media graphics for the Festival. They were produced quickly and were perfect for what we needed.”

Lichfield Festival of Music

"Clem was fantastic to work with on the blog tour of my novel The Little Theatre on the Seafront. Always professional, friendly and helpful, she really helped in promoting the book and reaching new readers. I’d definitely work with her again!"

Katie Ginger, author of The Little Theatre On The Seafront

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