Slow Organic Marketing Without Social Media

I’m here to show you how you can create a simpler, more down-to-earth approach through slow organic marketing. In this blog post, I’m sharing five, often overlooked actions you can take that can give your digital marketing a boost without the need to rely on social media. They are easy-to-implement, great to do in your own time, and will help you to build your community, nurture your audience, increase your reach, and grow your business. I’m dedicated to helping you connect to your audience in a way that feels simple, less hectic, more sustainable, and more intentional.

When it comes to digital marketing, our first instinct might be to automatically hop on over to our different social media platforms, but what would happen if social media wasn’t here anymore? This is unlikely, but thinking about that encourages us to look at how we would promote our small businesses, our offerings, our projects, and everything else effectively, if social media was no longer around.

Over the years, just like the ebb and flow of the changing seasons, I’ve become very much aware of the ebb and flow of social media. For example, although there are many, many users still on Twitter, to be honest, for me as a small business owner, a platform that once brought me the most traffic, is now the one that brings me the least. The majority of the original interactions and connections are no more. It doesn’t mean that I no longer use Twitter, because I do, but my ideal audience is no longer there. This is fine, because it’s helped me to look at other ways for how I can organically grow my audience and small business, along with promoting my offerings effectively, without having to rely on social media.

Slow Organic Marketing Without Social Media

So what is organic marketing? Organic marketing is the process of building traffic gradually without relying on paid methods. While it may take longer, it’s still highly effective. Organic marketing brings in organic traffic, which is the result of your content’s visibility in search engines such as Google, and other online spaces. This can be achieved through SEO, blog posts, guest posts, email marketing, video content, and so on. Organic marketing enables your online presence to flourish naturally. There’s nothing wrong with using paid methods, but I strongly believe that prioritising slow, intentional digital marketing produces more meaningful and lasting results in the long run.

Just as nature grows, flourishes and sustains itself throughout this year and beyond, our digital marketing has the potential to do the exact same for our small businesses.

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation. A bit of a mouthful, but it has the potential to yield excellent results. SEO basically helps ensure your website and its content can easily bloom in the online world. Hubspot has a really great step-by-step tutorial and beginners guide for SEO, which I highly recommend checking out.

You can apply SEO to your content by utilising keywords within your website, its pages and content. A keyword is a word or phrase that closely matches what an internet user enters into online search engines. By using specific keywords, including popular and trending ones, and researching their ranking and search frequency, you can integrate them into your content creation. Incorporating these keywords into your titles, headings, page URLs, and meta descriptions assists in reaching your target audience and ensuring potential customers can locate your content easily.

Next time you create content, try researching and incorporating keywords. It offers a slower and simpler approach that you can easily implement in just one piece of content, and in your own time.

The purpose of a blog is to share news, updates, information, and your thoughts and ideas with a wider audience. It can essentially be your very own online journal. It can be used for both personal and professional uses, and can cover a wide range of topics. I’ve been blogging for well over 10 years now, and I’ve covered topics such as beauty, lifestyle, well-being, self-care, chronic illness, Christianity, and more! 

As a small business owner, your blog provides an incredible online space to reach potential new customers, making yourself known as a small business owner, and becoming searchable in the online world. If you have a website but don’t yet have a blog, I highly recommend adding one. Your blog complements your website, provides opportunities, drives traffic, increases brand visibility, helps to reach your target audience, builds personal connection and develops trust.

Your blog may be the first thing people come across. Along with making use of SEO, like I mentioned above, and creating content that has relevant topics connected to your business, plus other content that will help people to understand more about who you are and what you do, will then encourage visitors to explore more of your website and your offerings. 

Your blog offers your audience a nurturing and soulful online space where they can come stay for a while, and connect, reflect, learn and grow, and be a part of your online community. 

Think about the following three questions when creating your next piece of blog content… Who is your intended audience? Does this content resonate with what you offer your audience? How can I ensure this content motivates my readers to take action?

Email marketing is one of my favourite ways to build more deeper relationships with my audience and potential customers. This enables my audience to know that there is a space outside of social media that they can reach me and connect with me, and for me to connect with them directly. 

Email marketing helps to build community, whilst giving you a great advantage for showcasing your work, your offerings, along with any other content that you feel would be beneficial for your audience. Plus it’s a great way to then link to your website and other platforms, encouraging further growth.

There are a few different platforms you can use to begin your mailing list, such as Mailchimp, Flodesk, and Substack. Whether it’s a weekly or monthly newsletter, or even weekly tips and advice, email marketing gives you a wonderful opportunity to connect with your audience, and provides you with extra opportunities to share your offerings. 

Email marketing is about connection, not just sales. It’s a gentle space away from the noise of social media, where it’s just you and your audience. If you haven’t yet got a mailing list, why not try signing up to Substack. It’s free, easy-to-use, and is filled with beautiful and nurturing communities.

Click here to read all about why I moved my mailing list over to Substack.

Slow Organic Marketing Without Social Media

Have you ever considered collaborating with another content creator, small business owner, blogger, podcast host, or vlogger? There’s so many different options and opportunities available to collaborate and to expand your businesses visibility further. Collaborating not only expands the reach of your small business, content, and offerings, but it also earns you valuable backlinks (yay for SEO), boosts organic traffic, and connects you with similar-minded individuals, and those who are looking for what you are offering.

Being a blogger myself, I’ve always found it incredibly fulfilling to support fellow business owners. Plus, from experience it’s such a joy to hear from small businesses and individuals who are interested in collaborating with me.

Why not try making a list of the people who you could potentially connect with to enquire about collaborating. I recommend that you look for people who have similar values, and who create content that is similar to yours.

Pinterest very often gets mistaken for a social media platform, but in actual fact it’s a visual discovery engine. With almost 500 million monthly users, Pinterest provides an ideal opportunity to share your work with a huge percentage of the world. 

I personally find it user-friendly, and it’s great at driving and bringing organic traffic, particularly to my blog. Again, it’s another great platform for utilising SEO. By adding keywords to titles and descriptions, it ensures your posts (pins) get found and viewed by the right audience. I love to use Canva to create pins, as they provide you with hundreds of Pinterest templates. 

Not only is Pinterest great for sharing your own content, but it’s also amazing for finding inspiration, sparking creativity, and connecting with new people, blogs, and other small businesses at your own pace. I actually find Pinterest to be quite calming.

Start by signing up for an account or, if you already have one, create some pins that share your content and offerings. I always really enjoy creating pins, and I find it very satisfying organising them into specific boards on my profile!

Which slow marketing action are you going to take first?
What are you finding challenging right now when it comes to digital marketing? Let me know in the comments!

If you are a small business owner, an individual, or a kindred spirit, and are wanting to create an effective digital marketing strategy for your offerings, then I have just the thing for you.

Introducing Reflect & Recharge: A digital Marketing Workbook. A 61-page ebook containing seasonal reflections to help you nurture your down-to-earth approach to digital marketing… all for £19! That’s just 36p a week!

Infused with the wisdom of nature and the changing seasons, this workbook will provide you with inspiration, ideas, and reflections to empower you to begin aligning your digital marketing efforts toward a slower and simpler approach, one you can sustain month after month and year after year. 

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