Wedding Planning Update for February

It’s finally time for our February wedding planning update! We are officially only days away from our wedding now! It only feels like yesterday that David and I were saying to each other that in a couple of weeks time, we will be getting married, and now we are on the week of our wedding. I’m very excited, and I think it feels extra special now because we’ve got everything done apart from just a couple of little last finishing touches. It feels wonderful to finally be able to put February at the end of this wedding planning update!

February has mostly consisted of making sure our wedding Banns have all been read and signed off. If you follow us on social media, you may have already seen what’s been happening with the Banns, but you can also read all about it on our previous wedding update for January, and our top tips for the wedding Banns. We’ve also finalised our wedding cake order (we have decided to make our own cake topper though), and with our helpful friend Pinterest, we’ve created some fun quizzes and activities for our wedding guests to do. Finally, we’ve also got our orders of service completed, printed and put together.

It’s been so interesting looking back at our previous wedding planning updates, especially as our first one was October’s update. It’s also nice seeing how everything has come together, and it definitely feels so good that we are now just days away from being husband and wife. Our next wedding update/blog post will be after we are married!

Below you can find out what we have been up to during February.

Wedding Planning Update for February

Photo taken by Christina Lynn Creative.

Wedding Banns update

We officially have our wedding Banns certificates! If you followed our previous wedding planning update, you may have seen that the wedding Banns were proving to be quite stressful! But thankfully, we have them all done now and have our certificates. On the last day of having the Banns read at each Church, we were able to have our Banns certificates all ready and signed, and ready to collect/have delivered. But once again, a huge tip is to make sure that you confirm and keep check to make sure that your wedding Banns get read out, and to also check the dates they are going to be read out. Also, follow up with each church to check that everything is OK. I must admit, it did cause us to wonder if we would actually get them read out in time! 

Fun quizzes and activities for our guests  

I just want to firstly say a huge thank you to Pinterest! Pinterest has helped us time and time again throughout our wedding planning. So, a definite top tip for wedding planning is to create as many Pinterest boards as you like to save all your wedding ideas in. It’s great to come back to and there are so many amazing ideas on there. We found some pins that had different activities and quizzes on for guests, and we felt that this would be lovely to place on the tables. It’s a very fun way to get all of your guests joining in and getting to know one another, especially if you have guests who may be arriving on their own, or guests who may not know anyone else. 

We took our inspiration from a few different ones we’d saved, and created our own using none other than good old Canva! We were able to create a few quizzes/activities using what Canva offers for free on their site. There are also many templates that can be used for this too, but we found it easier just starting with a blank page and then adding each element and text to them. We’re going to print so many out and then place them on each of the tables for our guests. 

Order of Service

As we had made our wedding invitations ourselves, using Canva, we wanted to incorporate that design into our orders of service, and to make homemade ones. As we had the design still saved on Canva, we were able to use it, along with the same fonts and colour theme. A top tip is to look at all that Canva offers for free. There is a huge range of different templates, elements, fonts and illustrations available. After the design and the inside of the orders of service were completed and we had checked through them, we had them printed off at a local printers. This saved time and money (and faff if your printer isn’t great a double-sided or card). As ink for a printer isn’t cheap, we found it to be much easier to have them printed for us. We were able to have them printed on card, with paper inside. They also stapled them all together for us, which was a big help. 

A last finishing touch that we added, was a piece of paper with a few extra details on, to place inside each order of service. This included things like letting people know not to hurry off after the service so everyone is available for photos, not to take photos during the bridal procession to avoid any phones/cameras being in the way of our photographer, and finally, a reminder for the time to meet at the venue after our wedding, and to note down places to explore during the time from the church to the venue. 

Wedding Planning Update for February

Wedding Cake update

One of the things we discussed in our December wedding planning update, was our wedding cake. It was proving a little tricky trying to find someone and having someone reply back to us about wedding cakes. Also, we were quite mindful of our budget for the cake, as some cakes were as much money as my wedding dress! But thankfully, after going through a list of recommendations (thank you, Facebook), we were able to find someone to make the cake, which was also within our budget, the flavour and type of cake we were looking for, and one that can also be delivered on the day. 

A top tip for your wedding cake, is when looking at having decorations on the cake, I highly recommend asking the person who is making the cake if they are able to source the decorations and for how much extra, ask your florist, or even see if you are able to source some decorations/flowers for the cake yourself. It can definitely help with keeping the costs within budget. We actually went for the asking our florist option. It means that we can have the same flowers on the cake as our wedding flowers, and they will be made up ready to place on the cake. 

February wedding planning summary

Especially the last couple of weeks, I think we’ve mostly been thinking about all the little things that we have left to do. As my ever organised soon-to-be husband has made countless lists, this has definitely been a huge help! As I’m not quite so organised, I’m pleased one of us is! Another helpful tool (which David has also made) is a schedule. In this we have listed all that is happening on our wedding day, for example, who needs to be where and at what time, what time we are being picked up, what needs to be collected and delivered, times for eating, when our Best Woman will be saying a few words, and what time we are cutting our cake and so on. Definitely a top tip is to have a schedule and to give a schedule to those who may need one, if you have family and friends who are helping. We have also included phone numbers at the bottom so everyone can stay in touch if needed. 

I think we’ve especially enjoyed this last month of wedding planning, as we have been able to get just about everything finalised… and we got our wedding Banns certificates too! I hope you’ve enjoyed our February update and also sharing some of our wedding planning journey over the past few months. Don’t worry though because there are definitely some more wedding posts still to come, so watch this space!

“And the two shall become one flesh.’ So they are no longer two but one flesh.” Mark 10:7-8.

We would love to know your thoughts on our February update and if you have any wedding planning tips to share, please let us know in the comment below.

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4 thoughts on “Wedding Planning Update for February”

  1. Firstly, congratulations you did it!! I hope your wedding day was as beautiful as you had imagined it to be and I can’t wait to read all about it.

    Secondly, thank you for sharing your updates. Wedding planning is exciting but can be so stressful and no doubt you’ve helped many sharing about your experience.

    Soffy /

  2. Oh how exciting! I hope you have so much fun planning your wedding! And thanks for taking us along the journey with you! Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations on your wedding! I hope it was the most wonderful day you could have dreamed of. I’ve loved reading your wedding updates, hope we can get a little snippet into the day itself 🙂 x

  4. Sorting out the wedding banns was very stressful! I hope everyone is made aware they need to check they’re being read out at churches, as agreed 😬

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